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Whether it’s ordering dinner or buying more skin products, our shopping habits changed amid COVID-19

As our lifestyles have changed during the pandemic, so have our shopping habits.

Some of us (motions to self) have been shopping more than ever. PayPal even reported a 34% increase in transactions in its first quarter from the same time last year, Gideon Anstey, spokesperson for the platform, told USA TODAY.

Some people may be saving on expenses that they weren’t before while boosting spending on other things. .

“On one hand, folks are spending less in areas such as transportation, eating out and other social activities,” Danetha Doe, a financial philosopher and creator of Money & Mimosas, a

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The latest from Knix, Tazo, Conair and more

Students across the country are graduating from college this month after a school year unlike any other. We put together a college graduation gift guide to help you celebrate the student in your life in person or virtually. The spring is also the beginning of the gardening season, which can be tricky for first-timers — we asked experts about the best gardening tools and got tips to help you get started. And if you’re preparing for an upcoming vacation, you may want to pack a travel mug to take coffee, tea and other drinks with you on your journey.


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Dear Abby: Friend never served but wants to use my military discount

DEAR ABBY: While shopping with a friend recently, I was put in an awkward situation in regard to a store discount. Having served in the military, I qualify for a discount at that particular store. She was aware of that discount, and while she was at the checkout lane, she yelled at me, “Hey, you! What’s your phone number for your military discount?”

We are both retired and living on one income, although I am married and live on my husband’s pension. She’s retired from a job in the medical field, owns her home and shows up conveniently at friends’

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Victim in critical condition after overnight shooting at Dorchester County shopping center | News

Dorchester County sheriff’s deputies responded to a shooting at a shopping center early in the morning on May 6 after Summerville police notified them of a person hospitalized in critical condition. 

The victim, whose name and age had not been disclosed, was taken to Summerville Medical Center after being shot in the parking lot at The Shoppes of Windsor Hill Crossing off of Ashley Phosphate Road. 

Second arrest made after fatal shooting of 18-year-old in Aiken

Deputies responded to the location and began their investigation immediately.

Rick Carson, a spokesman for the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office, said no 911 call was received nor were there any calls for

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How to Stop Impulse Buying

impulse-buying: woman shopping online with laptop and credit card

impulse-buying: woman shopping online with laptop and credit card


As fun and relaxing as Hollywood makes retail therapy look, the reality is not all that glamorous. A 2018 survey commissioned by discount shopping site Slickdeals found that Americans spend an average of $450 on impulse purchases per month—that adds up to $5,400 per year. The pandemic isn’t helping either—Slickdeals’ 2020 survey found that impulse spending increased 18 percent last year.

Impulse buying is mostly emotional, and usually the result of some form of emotional distress. This could be issues around self-esteem, anxiety, sadness, or even boredom. “Impulse buying gives

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