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Try to spend Bill Gates’ $116B fortune in this online shopping game

What would you do if you woke up a billionaire? Would you take a whack at solving world hunger? Maybe travel the world? Do something boring like investing? Or maybe just buy an island?

It’s hard to imagine just what you can buy with all that money. But imagine if you had $115.6 billion like Bill Gates. You too would probably think a box of frozen pizza rolls cost $22, and not $8.

So, let’s spend Bill Gatesmoney. Introducing the web-app that lets you calculate all the different sorts of items you can

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Grab Your Gear and Your Shopping Bags


Found: The Most Essential Home Deals Worth Shopping This Weekend

In previous normal times (whoever remembers what those looked like), come Labor Day Weekend we’d shift our focus to enviable swimsuits, oversized sun hats, and raffia tote bags worthy of a social media highlight. We’d spend time grilling, gathering, getting sunburnt, and maybe even (if lucky) taking boat rides. But with social distancing still underway for the foreseeable future, many of us are pivoting to sale hunting for home buys that will make our new virtual office spaces as comfy as possible for the stay-at-home season ahead. LDW is

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5 tips to get ready whether at home or in the classroom

Leave it to a pandemic to upend yet another American tradition: Back-to-school shopping. Oh, it’s still happening. It just looks different than, say, every mad-dash parent scramble for school supplies over the last century. It comes with a higher price tag and critical shortages, too. 

With so many students starting this new school year at home, the National Retail Federation says spending could top $100 billion. That number breaks all kinds of records as parents and college students ditch the No. 2 pencils and trips to Forever 21 for more pricey supplies like laptops and desks. 

On top of it

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Meghan Markle Was Seen Shopping at Whole Foods in Jeans and Ballet Flats


Meghan Markle isn’t seen off duty much, but celebrity gossip Instagram account DeuxMoi ran intel about a Whole Foods sighting of Meghan back in January 2020, when she and Prince Harry were living in Canada. A screenshot of the submission, featuring a fan-taken shot of the Duchess shopping, was posted to Twitter, revealing how Meghan dresses for grocery trips. She wore a cream coat, skinny jeans, and Rothy’s The Point black ballet flats (she has worn the eco-friendly black pointed-toe Rothy’s pair before to events)—chic but casual.

News of the sighting comes around the same time news broke

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Shopping for back-to-school tech? Hit up your local ‘dollar store’ during the coronavirus crisis

Cost-conscious students (and their parents) may be looking to stretch their dollars even farther this year, given the fact that more than 16 million Americans are still out of work, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics – not to mention those who have also been hit with pay cuts or unpaid furloughs because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether students will be studying at home, in the classroom or both, they still may need some back-to-school purchases. If the shopping list includes laptop or smartphone accessories – like cases and screen protectors, wireless mice, and various cables – don’t

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